Medical Students for Choice  

The United States and Canada face a dangerous shortage of trained abortion providers. In 2000, 87% of the counties in the United States had no provider. The “graying” of current providers (57% of whom are over the age of 50), violence that targets physicians, and restrictive legislation threaten to drive these numbers even lower. In addition, medical schools are simply not addressing the topic; most physicians are graduating with little more than circumstantial knowledge of abortion.


Medical Students for Choice® stands up in the face of opposition, working to destigmatize abortion provision among medical students and residents, and to persuade medical schools and residency programs to include abortion as a part of the reproductive health services curriculum.


Today MSFC is an internationally known non-profit organization with a network of over 10,000 medical students and residents around the United States and Canada. We are tomorrow’s abortion providers and pro-choice physicians.


Our Goals:

>to bolster MSFC's grassroots network of support and activism

>to reform medical school curricula and residency programs to include reproductive health and abortion care

>to expand education and training opportunities in abortion and reproductive health

>to support residents seeking reproductive health clinical training after graduating from medical school.


Contact Us At:

P.O. Box 70190 • Oakland, CA 94612
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